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Best Local SEO Tools, WordPress SEO Plugin


Want to rank well for every city you serve and double your local search traffic? Strong results usually show in 7 days after an easy 15-minute setup. has examples, explains more and has the stronger free version available for download. Just set up the local portfolio, add in your projects / clients / testimonials / reviews, and then in about 7 days you are likely to have vastly improved search engine rankings for relevant local searches!

The Best Local SEO Tools plugin (tips, examples & premium features available at can help a website’s local seo in a variety of ways, and has other features as well.

Here is a demo video that shows how easy it is to set up!

Welcome to the Democratized Future of Great SEO!

The new Best Local SEO Tools wordpress plugin levels the playing field and affordably enables small businesses and blogs to affordably, quickly, and recurringly SEO their website using advanced artificial intelligence (AI), provides an easy way for blogs and ecommerce sites to quickly boost their traffic, gives small and mid-size businesses the same powerful local search dominating technologies that the big directories like Yelp, YellowPages & AngiesList use, helps businesses boost their maps presence, enables businesses to easily generate and showcase great & authentic feedback, testimonials & online reviews, and takes only about 15 minutes to set up! Even better – it has a powerful free version for your site / blog, so why not give it a try? You have like nothing to lose!

It’s designed and built by a search engine optimization industry veteran with over a decade of local search engine optimization experience, who has also worked on some of the world’s largest websites, so you can be confident that it’s designed to scale for your site’s traffic needs. Even if you don’t have a WordPress site, you can just pick a good domain name and some WordPress hosting, put in a theme and some unique content, set up our system and link to it from your old site, and you’ll likely start seeing strong results in around 7 days. While the plugin is easy to set up, it also offers an enormous amount of advanced controls so you can make even the finer details of the plugin work according to your preferences.

Showcase Your Work & Testimonials to Dominate Local SEO with the Technology the Big Directories Use

Big directories like Yelp, YellowPages & Angieslist rank in lots of cities because their content is organized into an optimized directory page for each city with strong internal linking. This plugin automatically does the same for your site in the area you serve with your portfolio, projects, clients & testimonials as your expertly automatically search engine optimized local content with technologies that intelligently package your content into a locally browseable hierarchy. Just install the plugin, set your key phrase, location and service radius, add portfolio items, and you can start watching for the earned traffic to start quickly flooding in! It’s even designed to also help improve your rankings in “map-pack” listings after Google’s Pigeon update gave much more weighting to organic signals, and as your business grows, the plugin can grow and expand with you and your service area.

Easily Get Feedback & Generate Five Star Reviews

The Reputation Builder included in Best Local SEO Tools is a great way to request feedback and generate great & authentic online reviews, and is built into the plugin. The system allows you to request testimonials and / or prompt reviews from customers on a landing page on your site. You can mail customers individually or en masse to leave you feedback, or even set up a feedback kiosk in your store. You can then moderate their review and testimonial for publishing on your site, and if their review score is above a threshold that you define (ie 4 stars or higher), after submitting their review / testimonial on your site, you can automatically prompt them to review your business on other reviews sites you have specified like Google, Yelp & more, with easy-to-click links to your profiles for them to quickly review you there! This helps you generate authentic, positive reviews online and increases your credibility with Google and other sites. Surveys have shown having such reviews to be another way to rank higher in Google as well. If their score is below your goal rating, you’ll have a chance to know it and reach out to them before they leave a bad rating for you online somewhere. Online reviews have repeatedly been shown by studies to be a huge factor in what businesses consumers choose to work with. With our Reputation Builder, you’ll be able to not only improve your business with feedback, but also help generate the online social proof that your potential customers are looking for.

Keep Your Site Content Fresh with Best Local SEO Tools’ Next Generation Portfolio Of Your Work & Testimonials

You can also use the system as a site’s main portfolio as it is designed to be extensible and themeable using WordPress’ built-in template hierarchy and taxonomy systems. The system is thoroughly extendable so WordPress developers and designers can easily integrate it into their existing workflows, and also works with Advanced Custom Fields. Already have a portfolio? You can use a plugin to switch its post type to localproject, and then merge your portfolio into this plugin (probably with some minimal theme adjusting required as well).

Be Found in Maps with Best Local SEO Tools’ Maps Booster

Integrating Schema code into your website helps search engines to know your company’s location so it can be shown in map results. Our plugin gives you the ability to easily add that kind of code to your website with information like your address, phone number, company description, and book, reserve and menu actions to help your business show up well on maps for searches and on the local business information cards of information used by search engines for local searches. The free version also includes the schema type setting code for animal shelters, automotive businesses, car dealers, auto parts stores, car rentals, car repair businesses, car wash businesses, gas stations, motorcycle dealers, motorcycle repair shops, child care / daycare facilities, dentists & dentist offices, dry cleaning or laundry businesses, emergency services, fire stations, hospitals, police stations, employment agencies, entertainment businesses, amusement parks, art galleries, comedy clubs, movie theaters, night clubs, financial services, accountant and accounting services, banks or credit unions, insurance agents & insurance agencies, bakeries, bar or pub establishments, breweries, cafe or coffee shop establishments, fast food restaurant businesses, ice cream shops, restaurant establishments, wineries, government offices, post offices, health and beauty businesses / salons, beauty salons, day spa salons, hair salon businesses, health club businesses, nail salons, tattoo parlors, home and construction / contractor / builder businesses, general contractors, havoc businesses, house painters, locksmiths, moving companies, plumbers, roofing contractors, internet cafes, legal services, attorneys, notaries, libraries, lodging businesses, bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, hostels, hotels, motels, resorts, professional services, radio stations, real estate agents, recycling centers, self storage, shopping centers, sports activity locations, bowling alleys, exercise gyms, golf courses, health clubs, public swimming pools, ski resorts, sports clubs, stadiums or arenas, tennis complexes, stores, auto parts stores, bike stores, book stores, clothing stores, computer stores, convenience stores, department stores, electronics stores, florists, furniture stores, garden stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, hobby shops, home good stores, jewelry stores, liquor stores, mens clothing stores, movie rental stores, music stores, office equipment stores, outlet stores, pawn shops, pet stores, shoe stores, sporting goods stores, tire shops, toy stores, wholesale stores, tv stations, tourist information centers, and travel agencies.

Easily Boost Your Blog / Online Store Traffic With Our Booster Technology.

Like many have been raving about, sculpting your site’s pagerank is a great way to increase the traffic to your blog or shopping cart by doing a better of job of letting your users and Google know what content on your site is the most important. Our FREE Blog Booster & Ecommerce Booster widgets automatically track your best posts from an SEO traffic / lead generation / sales generation / profit generation performance standpoint and features them in a popular / featured posts and/or products widget and in a special archive ordered by their SEO popularity. This not only lets users easily see what is the top content on your site, but also directs more “link juice” to your most important content, drives up the pagerank of that content, and helps thus helps that most important content to rank higher.

Also a Great Tool for SEO Guys

The Best Local SEO Tools plugin also opens up a new potential value-added revenue stream for web designers, web developers, agencies, SEOs and web hosting companies setting up the plugin and also works great with sites using Yoast and Woocommerce ecommerce sites. In our experience, this local seo system is about 10x more powerful than what a typical SEO guy provides, though an SEO guy using the system can be even stronger.

Get it Today

You can download the free plugin below, and easily order premium features upgrades (enabled with a api subscription key in the plugin) as you need/want them. The free version includes the powerful portfolio directory and a home-page optimizer. Premium versions have the 25 portfolio SEO visitors per month cap increased and include site-wide automatic optimization and re-optimization with our superhuman AI breakthrough algorithm and the Reputation Builder. For pro tips on how this works best and what else you can do, you can check . So what are you waiting for? Please give it a try today!

To further explain one way our plugin works, a super-optimized Local Portfolio of your projects, testimonials & reviews is made that incorporates information from an enormous geographic data API which at gigabytes of size is unfeasible to include in the plugin. As the servers for this service cost money, beyond 10 free visits to the portfolio from SEO per month are capped from this service, but more can be purchased with a subscription at, along with other powerful premium features in the premium version of the plugin. Data requests to and from the plugin / your website to the geographic data API are performed as you use the plugin or as website users view code rendered through the plugin, and by using our plugin, data may be sent from our servers to your website and from your website to our servers.

The plugin needs to send data back-and-forth from your site to work for our servers to retrieve geographic data, for usage tracking, and for notifications. More info is at

Lluniau Sgrin

  • This is the main settings UI of the plugin
  • This is the UI for adding projects, clients & testimonials


  1. Upload the /bestlocalseotools/ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

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Chwefror 23, 2018
My site was already well optimized, however, it was a new site and wasn’t yet ranking for some competitive keywords. After implementing the Best Local SEO Tools my site is already seen a significant increase in rankings after just a few days. I plan to utilize the plugin with my other websites as well.
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