Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks – Page Builder Features


Kadence Blocks adds custom blocks and options to extend Gutenberg’s editing capabilities so you can create stunning websites with ease – no code required. Kadence Blocks is your toolkit that makes the WordPress block editor capable of creating beautiful content that’s usually only possible through page builder plugins. Each block is crafted with care with regard to performance, accessibility, and extensibility.

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Custom Blocks Include

  • Row Layout – Create rows with nested blocks either in columns or as a container. Give style to your rows with a background, overlay, padding, etc. Learn more
  • Advanced Gallery – Create stunning photo galleries, carousels, and sliders! Enable custom links, captions, and more. Plus you can select the image size for performance. Learn more
  • Form – Our powerful form block allows you to easily create a contact or marketing form and style it within the block editor. Learn more
  • Advanced Text – Create a heading or paragraph and define sizes for desktop, tablet and mobile along with font family, colors, etc. Learn more
  • Advanced Button – Create an advanced button or a row of buttons. Style each one, including hover controls. Plus you can use an icon and display them side-by-side. Learn more
  • Tabs – Create custom vertical or horizontal tabs with advanced styling controls. Each tab content is an empty canvas able to contain any other blocks. Learn more
  • Accordion – Create beautiful accordions! Each pane is able to contain any other block, customize title styles, content background, and borders. Learn more
  • Testimonials – Create confidence in your brand or product by showing off beautiful and unique testimonials. Display add as a carousel or a grid. Learn more
  • Icon – Choose from over 1500+ SVG icons to add into your page and style the size, colors, background, border, etc. You can also add multiple icons side-by-side. Learn more
  • Spacer / Divider – Easily create a divider and determine the space around it or just create some space in your content. You can even define the height per screen size. Learn more
  • Info Box – Create a box containing an icon or image and, optionally, a title, description, and learn more text. Style static and hover separately. Learn more
  • Icon List – Add beautiful icons to your lists and make them more engaging and attract viewers’ attention. Over 1500 icons to choose from and unlimited styles. Learn more
  • Countdown – Increase your conversions by adding a sense of urgency to your offering. Pro includes evergreen campaigns as well. Learn more
  • Posts – Display a clean grid of posts anywhere on your site, great for your homepage where you want to tease your blog. Learn more
  • Table of Contents – Allow your readers to navigate your content easily with a table of contents block. Includes smooth scroll to anchor. Learn more
  • Lottie Animation – You can import lottie animations into your site. You can choose how the animation plays and control animation speeds, loops, etc. Learn more

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Key Block Features

  • Intelligent Load – Kadence Blocks only loads CSS or Javascript when you need it and only for the blocks you are using on a specific page.
  • Responsive Controls – Tweak your design for each screen size. Edit tablet and mobile settings while previewing in WordPress editor.
  • Typography Controls – Choose from 900+ Google fonts and design your site with complete typography control.
  • Color & Background Controls – Gradients, overlays, parallax backgrounds, borders, etc. You can control all the design settings!
  • Configurable Defaults – Make development a breeze. Once the default settings are defined, every time you add a block those settings will automatically be applied.
  • Setting Visibility Controls – Hide block settings from certain user roles so they can focus on content and you can keep them out of the block designs.
  • Spacing Controls – Control paddings and margins for your blocks in whatever units you like. Customize responsively for precision spacing and design.

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We are happy to help as best we can with questions! Please use the support forums.

Security Policy

Reporting Security Bugs

Please report security bugs found in the
Kadence Blocks plugin’s source code through the
Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure
Program The Patchstack team will
assist you with verification, CVE assignment, and notify the
developers of this plugin.

Lluniau Sgrin

  • Initial Row Layout editing

  • Example single column Row Layout with gradient Background overlay

  • Three column Row Layout example

  • Icon Block example

  • Advanced Button example

  • Editor Width settings inside Gutenberg


This plugin provides 14 blocks.

  • Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks – Page Builder Features
  • Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks – Page Builder Features
  • Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks – Page Builder Features
  • Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks – Page Builder Features
  • Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks – Page Builder Features
  • Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks – Page Builder Features
  • Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks – Page Builder Features
  • Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks – Page Builder Features
  • Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks – Page Builder Features
  • Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks – Page Builder Features
  • Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks – Page Builder Features
  • Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks – Page Builder Features
  • Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks – Page Builder Features
  • Tab


Install the plugin into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder, and activate it.

Cwestiynau Cyffredin

Where do I report security bugs found in this plugin?

Please report security bugs found in the source code of the
Kadence Blocks plugin through the Patchstack
Vulnerability Disclosure Program The
Patchstack team will assist you with verification, CVE assignment, and
notify the developers of this plugin.


Chwefror 6, 2024 1 reply
This review is geared more towards a novice WordPress user who is struggling with the native Gutenberg editor technology .....What Kadence Blocks does (the pro-version in particular) is it super-charges the functionality of the native Gutenberg block editor ... for example - using the native Gutenberg "Paragraph" block, vs. the Kadence "Advanced Text" block defacto replacement as a comparison .... the native Gutenberg "Paragraph" block currently only has "several" styling/settings features, the "Advanced Text" block in Kadence blocks on the other hand, currently has "several dozen" styling/settings features ... the "Advanced Text" block in Kadence Blocks is just 1 of aprox. 27 custom blocks that comes in the Kadence Block pro-version (the FREE version has around 15 custom blocks) .... each Kadence block provides a higher level of functionality compared to it's native Gutenberg defacto replacement ... all the powerful Kadence blocks working together in the native Gutenberg editor essentially give you "Page-Builder" like functionality, but without the extra page-builder bloat & occasional compatibility issues ... furthermore, if you combine Kadence "Blocks" Pro with the Kadence Pro "Theme"; ... you then get the added "Theme Builder" type functionality/technology ... which is still a rare feature in the multitude of hybrid themes offered in theme market-place today. While i'd luv to be able to spend a couple days putting together a blog post that goes into detail about all the added functionality Kadence Blocks add's to the native Gutenberg editor ... unfortunately, i don't currently have that type of extra time right now ... however, checking on the Kadence website, i notice they offer a 30 day money back guarantees ... my guess is; if your disappointed with the native Gutenberg Block editor, and you try Kadence Blocks Pro (or even Kadence Blocks Free) you'll encounter a whole new world of expanded functionality from native Gutenberg editor - that may significantly change your mind about what the Gutenberg block editor is capable of.
Rhagfyr 16, 2023
I love using this plugin to create any type of website I want and that too not heavy like Elementor and the previous one which I don't want to mention. Nicely optimized Gutenberg Editor plugin. Please add more features like animation and all if possible.
Tachwedd 23, 2023 1 reply
Kadence Blocks is the best WP Gutenberg Blocks plugin. I have used it with over 100 websites because it is powerful and easy to use.
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Cofnod Newid


Release Date: February 16th 2024
* Add: “only text” responsive option when using an icon in Advanced button.
* Add: New language selection for AI wizard.
* Update: Pattern import to handle advanced forms.
* Fix: Responsive font sizes on text in infobox.
* Fix: Ability to set icon size to 0 on tablet and mobile in icon block.
* Fix: setting anchor tags on testimonial and testimonials blocks.


Release Date: February 12th, 2024
* Add: Option to set image size for backgrounds.
* Fix: Accordion block inside Advanced Query Loops.
* Fix: Issue with custom column widths and default gutter.
* Fix: Issue with flex wrap inheriting to tablet and mobile.
* Fix: Issue with some html rendered in the success/failed message of forms.


Release Date: February 3nd, 2024
* Fix: Issue with custom column widths and gutter none.


Release Date: February 2nd, 2024
* Add: Option to set a custom title for TOC block inside advanced text block.
* Update: Translation strings for block titles with context.
* Fix: ActiveCampaign fields issue.
* Fix: Infobox number field wrapping on frontend.
* Fix: Issue with Row Layout collapse order on desktop.
* Fix: Issue with custom column widths in row layout block not being calculated correctly.
* Fix: Lottie animation loop limit not applying.
* Fix: Tab issue when accordion in a menu.
* Fix: Tab title margin issue.


Release Date: January 23rd, 2024
* Add: Dynamic loading of alt option for image block.
* Fix: Timezone calculation issue in countdown block.
* Fix: Border radius on submit button in Form block.
* Fix: Issue with width on images in some patterns.
* Fix: Possible php undefined.
* Fix: Possible issue with pexels and third party plugin.


Release Date: January 17th, 2024
* Add: Constant to allow disabling AI in site config.
* Fix: Transforming advanced gallery into core galleries.
* Fix: Prevent HTML in labels from showing in advanced for emails
* Fix: Issue with view details.
* Fix: Issue with mobile background override.
* Fix: Issue with flex layout maxWidth on mobile.


Release Date: January 15th, 2024
* Add: Border Radius Controls to Adv Text Highlight.
* Fix: Gradient Button transition.
* Fix: Issue when using Kadence Conversions banner templates.
* Fix: Possible issue with events custom excerpts.
* Fix: Deprecation warning on PHP 8.2


Release Date: January 12th, 2024
* Fix: Some css around horizontal to vertical layout switching.
* Fix: Issue with info box tablet and mobile font size.


Release Date: January 11th, 2024
* Update: Change how tablet css is handled.
* Fix: Issue with galleries inside of flex sections.


Release Date: January 10th, 2024
* Fix: Floating Layouts inside of section blocks.


Release Date: January 10th, 2024
* Update: Change limits on typography font size field.
* Update: Prevent changing unit for typography sizes in tablet, mobile.
* Fix: Possible spacing issue in columns, flex layouts.
* Fix: Default color in accordion example for better accessibility.
* Fix: Possible issue with captions below images in gallery not centered


Release Date: January 9th, 2024
* Update: Improve location context imports.
* Fix: Remove adv form accept field default input
* Fix: Issue with RTL Carousels.
* Fix: Possible issue with event tickets.
* Fix: Better caching with auth.

3.2.11 Pre Release

Release Date: January 3rd, 2024
* Fix: Possible layout issue with justify content in vertical layouts.
* Fix: Max width issue with info box and mobile/tablet.
* Fix: Issue with tab layout and last tab.
* Fix: Issue with tab title margin

3.2.10 Pre Release

Release Date: December 21st, 2023
* Update: Advanced text icon title option.
* Update: Icon list icon title option.
* Update: Button icon title option.
* Fix: Issue with icon list link color.

3.2.9 Pre Release

Release Date: December 20th, 2023
* Fix: Issue with some logo items in library
* Fix: Issue with some content in design library.
* Fix: Possible php notice with image import.
* Fix: Issue with possible company description length.
* Fix: Issue with php error in dynamic links for gallery.
* Fix: Issue with Ipad Pro media queries.
* Fix: Issue with images in flex layouts missing width.
* Fix: Issue with icons and screen readers.

3.2.8 Pre Release

Release Date: December 11th, 2023
* Fix: Issue with typed text and & symbol.
* Fix: Issue with tab units
* Add: Repeatable Countdown
* Fix: Time zone issue with countdown.
* Fix: Network activated UI.
* Fix: Logo color logic in design library.
* Fix: Issue with design library file not being updated.

3.2.7 Pre Release

Release Date: December 5th, 2023
* Fix: Issue with undefined function.
* Fix: possible issue with ACF and Pexels library.

3.2.6 Pre Release

Release Date: December 5th, 2023
* Fix: Issue with new posts and token manager.

3.2.5 Pre Release

Release Date: December 4th, 2023
* Add: AI options in design library.
* Add: Inline AI for Text (adv) block.
* Add: New Image placeholder options for design library.
* Add: New caching system for design library and pexels.
* Add: New optimized image downloader.
* Add: New home page and activation for AI.
* Fix: Possible tablet css issue with sections.
* Fix: Advanced form missing pre submit custom error.
* Fix: Issue with info box text content styling.
* Fix: Issue with modal in editor.
* Fix: Form data sometimes not clearing after submit.

3.2.0 Beta Version 1

Release Date: October 5th, 2023
* Add: New Flex control options in section block.
* Add: New auto option for margin controls.


Release Date: November 15th, 2023
* Fix: Text (Adv) not showing link format option.


Release Date: November 14th, 2023
* Update: Add hooks for dynamic replace control.
* Fix: Form field custon name not saving.


Release Date: November 8th, 2023
* Update: Add option to allow decimals in Advanced Form number field.
* Update: Allow mute/unmute buttons row video backgrounds to be displayed separately from the play / pause button.
* Update: Integrate hide recaptcha settings from Kadence Captcha into Advanced Form.
* Update: Add option to style buttons with underline text.
* Fix: Issue creating new Advanced Forms on WordPress 6.4.
* Fix: Google v3 reCAPTCHA not hiding in when set to hide.
* Fix: Add aria label to Advanced Gallery lightbox links.
* Fix: Allow show more button to be focusable using tab key.
* Fix: Border styling display on Advanced button in editor
* Fix: Adv gallery dots having an inaccurate count in some situations.
* Fix: Advanced form help text font size on front end.
* Fix: Advanced form styling for label font size when using infield.
* Fix: Advanced form label custom styles being overridden by default styles.
* Fix: Uploading of documents in advanced form.
* Fix: Setting active campaign API url in advanced form.


Release Date: November 1st, 2023
* Update: Include a tiktok icon.
* Fix: Issue with icon list margin.
* Fix: Issue with advanced form max width units.
* Fix: Progress bar mask align center.
* Fix: Issue with gallery hidden when added to a horizontal direction.
* Fix: Issue with required message for file upload in form.


Release Date: October 18th, 2023
* Update: Add option for radio fields to be inline.
* Fix: Issue with custom icons that have negative numbers in viewbox.
* Fix: Initial expand state of accordion toggle.
* Fix: Media query issue in tabs.
* Fix: Testimonial block box shadow spacing.
* Fix: Show more block not initializing in some situations.


Release Date: October 11th, 2023
* Update: Settings for ActiveCampaign
* Update: Add filter for form upload mime types.
* Update: Add option to allow multiple uploads.
* Fix: Issue where inline style tags could break row layout options.
* Fix: Issue with rank math score going down when adding Advanced Buttons.


Release Date: October 3rd, 2023
* Add: Advanced buttons support Rank Math content analysis.
* Add: Option to choose heading font family when using Kadence Theme.
* Update: Brand icons, add threads, and a square x icon.
* Fix: Issue with some brand icons not being center.
* Fix: Issue with icon list margin not working in mega menu.
* Fix: Issue with setting numeric padding & margin on advanced form.
* Fix: HTML Anchors and additional CSS classes on advanced form.
* Fix: Block defaults not applying on Testimonial blocks.
* Fix: Issue when skipping advanced form layout settings.
* Fix: Issue with email dynamic replacements.
* Fix: Custom “required” error messages not displaying for advanced form.
* Fix: Support conditional logic on file upload fields in advanced form.


Release Date: September 20th, 2023
* Fix: Issue with spacer in a reusable block.


Release Date: September 20th, 2023
* Fix: Issue with radio/checkbox field id output.


Release Date: September 20th, 2023
* Fix: Issue with medium_large image size being disabled.


Release Date: September 19th, 2023
* Add: Option to search and add from pexels from within the media library popup.
* Add: Option to use a mask in progress bar.


Release Date: September 14th, 2023
* Fix: Issue with form file uploads.


Release Date: September 11th, 2023
* Add: Option to disable browser validation on form.
* Update: Youtube background video cover css.
* Update: Rely on rest endpoints for taxonomy selection in posts block.
* Fix: Ability to add dynamic values to radio and textarea fields in advanced forms.
* Fix: Editing custom CSS in modal.
* Fix: Autocomplete in CSS editor.
* Fix: Issue with multiple dynamic galleries all showing in single lightbox.
* Fix: Accept field recording in advanced forms.
* Fix: Advanced Text icon padding unit not saving.
* Fix: Icon list link color issue.
* Fix: Issue with section background color override.
* Fix: Possible issue with svg filter.
* Fix: Issue with countdown container padding and margin.
* Fix: Issue with missing custom class in lottie block.


Release Date: August 24th, 2023
* Fix: Some row layouts in forms.
* Fix: Issue when using URL parameters in advanced forms.
* Fix: Issue with gradient shape select.
* Fix: WP notice about wp-editor on widgets page.
* Fix: Issue with not being able to select a gallery photo in the editor when caption covered.


Release Date: August 17th, 2023
* Fix: Previewing Advanced Forms in transforms.
* Fix: Advanced form file size limit not saving.
* Fix: Block defaults not applying on Table of Contents.
* Fix: ReCAPTCHA v2 on advanced forms.
* Fix: Possible issue with custom svg icon and simplexml_load_file.
* Fix: Issue with advanced form message styling.


Release Date: August 8th, 2023
* Fix: Possible security issue with form uploads.


Release Date: August 7th, 2023
* Update: More details error message on advanced form submission failure.
* Fix: Required checkboxes wanting all boxes selected.
* Fix: Advanced forms number field not displaying min/max value in editor.
* Fix: Toggling allowed file types in advanced form.
* Fix: Allowing multiple file types in advanced form upload.


Release Date: August 4th, 2023
* Update: Allow additional field replacements to the email post submit action.
* Fix: Disk space & multisite quota check on Form file uploads.
* Fix: Form render issue on windows servers.


Release Date: August 3rd, 2023
* Update: Force Decimals to show if set in progress bar.
* Update: Better font weight inherit style options.
* Fix: Advanced Form file uploads.
* Fix: Potential advanced forms conflict with with third-party plugins.
* Fix: Possible issue with slider flickering on some mobile browsers.
* Fix: Metadata being included in block defaults.
* Fix: Issue with progress bar rendering.
* Fix: Issue where shorter youtube videos would not loop unless in a playlist.
* Fix: CountUp block issue with font family in editor.


Release Date: August 2nd, 2023
* Fix: Thumbnail Gallery showing vertical thumbnails.


Release Date: August 2nd, 2023
* Fix: Form Recovery issue.
* Fix: Possible undefined variable notice.


Release Date: August 2nd, 2023
* Add: Support for decimals in progress bar
* Update: Progress Bar text alignment options.
* Update: Advanced form for widget screen.
* Update: Deprecated date settings.
* Fix: Line height preview in progress bar.


Release Date: August 1st, 2023
* Fix: Possible Styling issue Testimonial Carousel, Row Layout Background Slider, and Advanced Gallery Sliders.


Release Date: August 1st, 2023
* Add: Ability to select parent form block from form fields.
* Add: Underline and color options for icon list links.
* Update: Responsive Measure Control to show inherited sizes.
* Fix: Adv Form required asterisk color not applying.
* Fix: Down arrow showing when multiselect is rendered.
* Fix: Progress bar % hiding when changing position.
* Fix: Progress bar prefix/suffix text not updating in editor.
* Fix: Multiple progress bars on same page in editor.
* Fix: Issue with field appender not showing fields when form is nested in a section block.
* Fix: Setting custom fonts on Advanced form labels
* Fix: Layout issue with date picker in Countdown block.
* Fix: Google fonts not loading on frontend for Testimonials block.
* Fix: Link style preview in editor for Advanced Text
* Fix: Sticky sections inside Accordion panes.
* Fix: Progress bar in full site editing.
* Fix: Border radius on stacked icons in Icon block.
* Fix: Number & Title font size preview in Count Up Block.
* Fix: Background colors and icon for select fields in Adv Form Block.
* Fix: Max width units on Table of Contents block.
* Fix: Spacing issue with Process Bar label and number.
* Fix: Possible small error with form block.

3.1.2 Beta Version 1

Release Date: July 12th, 2023
* Fix: Splide css file name.
* Fix: Pro check in advanced form.
* Fix: Radio label styles in editor.
* Fix: Form select issue.

3.1.1 Alpha Version 2

Release Date: July 12th, 2023
* Add: Option to set gradient position with input.
* Add: No follow & sponsored options to links in icon list.
* Add: Form wizard with style options to advanced form.
* Add: Row gap settings to section.
* Add: Flex Basis settings to section.
* Fix: Media styles not copy/pasting properly for Info Box.
* Fix: % and rem based border radius on Advanced Buttons.
* Fix: Increase specificity of Splide CSS to avoid conflicts.
* Fix: Posts block image ratios on mobile.
* Fix: issue with WPML and span in advanced text.
* Fix: Issue with WPML and posts read more.

3.1.0 Alpha Version 1

Release Date: June 15th, 2023
* Add: Advanced Form Block.
* Add: Progress Bar Block.
* Add: Dynamic block labels in list view.
* Add: Ability to set custom names for Kadence blocks in list view
* Add: Option for local google fonts.
* Update: Unique Ids are now set site wide.
* Update: Block names for easier searching.


Release Date: June 6th, 2023
* Update: Typography custom sizes to support three decimals.
* Update: Tabs to use presentation role.
* Fix: Issue with safari button text.
* Fix: Issue with possible php notice.
* Fix: Issue with nested accordions and accordion spacing.


Release Date: May 31st, 2023
* Add: Overlay color to advanced image block.
* Fix: Issue with tabs accessibility.
* Fix: Possible issue with countUp start trigger.
* Fix: Issue with icon list stroke width.


Release Date: May 30th, 2023
* Fix: Issue with tabs keyboard navigation.
* Fix: Issue with row alignment in editor.
* FIx: Issue with single icon custom class.
* Fix: Issue with css for Lottie Block.
* Fix: Issue with left and right margin in image block when aligned left or right.
* Fix: Issue with wpml and title for info box when using a div or span tag.
* Fix: Spacing issue with icon list in editor.
* Fix: RTL gallery slider issues.


Release Date: May 16th, 2023
* Add: Ratio option to lottie block.
* Update: Deprecated toolbar controls.
* Fix: Issue with tabs and mega menu.
* Fix: Possible issue with scheduling monthly library cleanup.


Release Date: May 2nd, 2023
* Fix: Issue with icon list mobile column setting.
* Fix: Issue with pasting styles changing icon in infobox.


Release Date: April 28th, 2023
* Fix: Typo in image css.
* Fix: Issue with icon list editor preview.
* Fix: Issue with fullwidth button and aos.


Release Date: April 27th, 2023
* Add: Option to set the gallery slider to slide transition.
* Update: Icon list grid styles.
* Fix: Outline button styles to maintain same size.
* Fix: Issue with editor timeout on some servers with some plugin combinations.
* Fix: Issue with fullwidth image.
* Fix: Small issue with design library shadow dom styles.
* Fix: Tweak the way highlight css is applied for better compatibility.


Release Date: April 24th, 2023
* Update: Design library to use shadow dom.
* Update: Filter for custom palette.
* Fix: Issue with image crop.
* Fix: Issue with testimonial media border radius in admin.
* Fix: Accordion output styles.
* Fix: Possible max width issue with sections.
* Fix: Issue with typed text script.
* Fix: Issue with row background override in editor on mobile.
* Fix: Issue with some columns in gallery when using individual settings.


Release Date: April 12, 2023
* Add: Option to set design library to use images instead of iframes.
* Fix: Issue with typed text popover not showing correctly.
* Fix: Aria label for mute button in row layout video background.
* Fix: Possible issue with the info box when title and text are paragraph tags.
* Fix: “Hide” button visibility setting on Show More block.
* Fix: Lottie block max-width being applied as width.
* Fix: Icon list gap on rtl sites
* Fix: Issue with row padding in content only mode.
* Fix: Issue with WPML and testimonials.
* Fix: Fix AOS animation breaking hover transition on advanced button block.
* Fix: Accordion FAQ Schema not always updating.


Release Date: April 6, 2023
* Fix: Custom CSS class not applying to Advanced heading in some situations.
* Fix: Issue accordion css specificity.
* Fix: Issue with pattern library views on smaller screens.
* Fix: Possible issue with design library when accessing through row layout.
* Fix: Issue with advanced gallery sliding when it should fade.


Release Date: April 4, 2023
* Fix: Issue design library if using 6.1


Release Date: April 4, 2023
* Add: New Design library.
* Add: Additional unit choices to top and bottom row dividers.
* Fix: Border radius on row layout video backgrounds in Safari.
* Fix: Testimonial icon colors not working when using color palette.
* Fix: Testimonial icon display when using outline icons.
* Fix: Typed text throwing error when previewing mobile & tablet.
* Fix: Info box media background hover not showing in editor.
* Fix: Fluid carousel galleries inside accordions not initializing.
* Fix: Row Layout slider background “slide” transition style.
* Fix: Prevent clones in fluid carousel when only one image.
* Fix: Testimonial max-width not applying for basic layout.
* Fix: Issue with gallery lightbox sometimes not initializing for carousels.


Release Date: March 23, 2023
* Add: Title to iframe in Google Maps block.
* Add: Option to skip lazy load for advanced image block.
* Update: Row layout to allow 5 column to collapse into 2 and 3.
* Update: Option to select parent block settings quickly from sidebar.
* Update: Change hover styles toggle to tabs.
* Fix: Issue with advanced text with icons and link wraps not opening in a new tab.
* Fix: Design issues with testimonials and border radius.
* Fix: Issue with section overlays in editor.
* Fix: Issue with fluid carousel effecting others on mobile.
* Fix: Issue with icon blocks not getting unique id in some situations.
* Fix: Issue with mobile overlay applying to tablet.
* Fix: Issue with submit alignment and label alignment in forms.
* Fix: Advanced text icon hover color.
* Fix: Issue with missing overlay opacity in tablet and mobile.
* Fix: Issue with video poster select.
* Fix: Gradient color picker when working with third party variables.


Release Date: March 15, 2023
* Fix: Open animation when using nesting accordions.
* Fix: Breakout columns css output.
* Fix: Issue with TOC and multiplication symbol.
* Fix: Issue with hiding design library sections.


Release Date: March 15, 2023
* Fix: Breakout columns css output.


Release Date: March 14, 2023
* Add: Breakout left column and right column options when fullwidth row.
* Fix: Accordion title padding on tablet & mobile.
* Fix: Unmute setting not applying on row layout background videos.
* Fix: Row gutter not always showing in row layout.
* Fix: Copying styles on CountUp block was copying content.
* Fix: Advanced text not inheriting font color from section.
* Fix: Possible spacing issue with single item carousel.
* Fix: Mailerlite with hack to get around their firewall.
* Fix: Possible PHP notice.
* Fix: Issue with some icons not being centered.
* Fix: Possible issue with zIndex in row layouts where z-index wasn’t set.
* Fix: Issue with possible border showing in tab when set to 0.


Release Date: March 8th, 2023
* Update: MailerLite to work with new API.
* Fix: Variable font sizes on Advanced Image captions.
* Fix: Infobox borders no displaying on pre 3.0 blocks.
* Fix: Infobox title margin top not applying on front end.
* Fix: Issue with blocks showing broken in the editor in tablet.
* Fix: Issue with testimonial fonts causing breakage in google font url.
* Fix: Issue with some custom svg icons not rendering correctly.
* Fix: Hover styles icon on RTL layouts


Release Date: March 6th, 2023
* Fix: Issue with inner child blocks having options to be reusable.
* Fix: Issue with tabs when using block defaults.
* Fix: Issue with testimonials and variable font sizes.
* Fix: Issue with lottie json files when using query parameters.
* Fix: Issue with firefox flex area and svgs.


Release Date: March 2nd, 2023
* Add: Image Lazy load option for slider and carousel galleries.
* Fix: Issue where 3rd party lazy load plugins were breaking carousels.
* Fix: Issue with max width in testimonial card style.
* Fix: Missing icon.
* Fix: Margin specificity in nested sections.
* Fix: Issue with background type not selected in sections when initially imported from 2.4
* Fix: Possible issue with svg icon rendering affecting certain blocks.
* Fix: Issue with TOC not updating in the editor when allowed headers changes.
* Fix: Frontend alignment of new icon in advanced text.
* Fix: Issue with migrating tablet padding in section.
* Fix: Issue with accordion not migrating with 0 border width.


Release Date: March 1st, 2023
* Add: Option to not have an icon show on an icon list.
* Fix: Issue with thumbnail gallery thumbnails align center.
* Fix: Issue with toolset archive views.
* Fix: Issue with show more while using infinite scroll.
* Fix: Issue with sticky not showing when it technically works.
* Fix: Issue with border radius and infobox border spin.
* Fix: Issue with svg image align in image block.
* Fix: Issue with infobox title.


Release Date: February 28th, 2023
* Fix: Issue with gallery custom link target.
* Fix: Issue with z index in previous row output.
* Fix: Issue with column block defaults in row layout.
* Fix: Possible issue with toolset.
* Fix: Issue with posts block not selecting terms.
* Fix: Issue with sizing getting cleared when switching to custom units.


Release Date: February 27th, 2023
* Fix: Issue with fullwidth layout and custom bottom margin.
* Fix: Issue with accordion title icon size.
* Fix: Issue with TOC template order of headings.
* Fix: Issue with border styles in duplicate block.


Release Date: February 27th, 2023
* Update: Add option to set info box title to p or span tag.
* Fix: Issue with duplicated blocks not getting a unique Id.
* Fix: Editor view of vertical align.
* Fix: Issue with height 100% when using min height.
* Fix: Issue with typed text in editor.
* Fix: Setting 0 border on tablet/mobile not overriding desktop.
* Fix: Advanced gallery url field dropdown
* Fix: Advanced text letter spacing always using px
* Fix: Testimonial content font size when using variable size
* Fix: Accordion “space between” when using heading title tags
* Fix: Spacer block in reusable block.
* Fix: Icon alignment issue with some themes.
* Fix: Issue with row in surecart columns in editor.
* Fix: Setting HTML Tag for Countup block title.


Release Date: February 23rd, 2023
* Fix: Issue with reusable blocks


Release Date: February 23rd, 2023
* Update: Include arrows in lightbox on mobile.
* Update: Align for lottie render.
* Fix: Possible gallery gutter issue.
* Fix: Issue where migrated full width buttons were missing collapse on mobile.
* Fix: Issue the advanced text and WP 6.0.
* Fix: Issue where lots of full width buttons were not wrapping correctly.


Release Date: February 22nd, 2023
* Update: Prevent custom CSS in row or section from breaking block css.
* Update: TOC to better handle templates with core post content block.
* Fix: Issue with collapsed columns set to full height.
* Fix: Row backgrond slider sizeing not applying.
* Fix: Issue where lightbox shows disable arrows that should be hidden.
* Fix: Issue with fluentCRM and mailerlite.
* Fix: Settings page link.


Release Date: February 22nd, 2023
* Fix: Issue where custom gutter could be undefined.
* Fix: Issue with icon list vertical spacing.
* Fix: Issue with sliders that only have one slide rendering arrows.
* Fix: Issue with custom classes and anchor not rendering in gallery.
* Fix: Issue with inline row background.
* Fix: Possible issue with video script error.
* Fix: Issue with PSR conflict.


Release Date: February 21st, 2023
* Fix: Possible PHP 7.2 bug.
* Fix: Issue with multiple types of carousels on a page.


Release Date: February 21st, 2023
* Fix: Possible PHP 7.2 bug.
* Fix: Parallax issue in safari.
* Fix: Missing Testimonial Background setting.
* Fix: Border color issues in testimonial.
* Fix: Icon size in icon list in the editor.
* Fix: Section hover colors with link.
* Fix: For rebuilding css in a query.
* Fix: Divider rendering in safari.


Release Date: February 21st, 2023
* Fix: Spacing issues when using generatepress
* Fix: Three column layout issues with gap.
* Fix: Min height of rows in editor.


Release Date: February 21st, 2023
* Update: Add blend mode to section overlay settings.
* Update: Accordion to have inner content colors.
* Update: Add filter for TOC block render attributes.
* Update: Row Padding visual editor to always override overlaping blocks.
* Fix: Some block settings showing incorrect default.
* Fix: Issue with the design library button not always rendering in 6.2

3.0.8 RC Version 4

Release Date: February 17th, 2023
* Fix: Possible error in windows server.
* Fix: Double Margin issue in multi-column icon list block.
* Fix: Possible Google font error.

3.0.7 RC Version 3

Release Date: February 17th, 2023
* Fix: Possible issue custom units.
* Fix: Possible issue with stacked columns using full height.

3.0.6 RC Version 2

Release Date: February 16th, 2023
* Update: Prevent TOC from rendering in feed.
* Update: Border radius and border controls in advanced text.
* Fix: Possible issue with buttons using icons.
* Fix: Possible issue with buttons margin.
* Fix: Possible issue with tablet padding in buttons.
* Fix: Heading styles when applied in accordion.
* Fix: Issue with gallery options.
* Fix: Issue with carousel dots missing in gallery in the editor.
* Fix: Issue with icon list gap.
* Fix: Deprecated warning in PHP 8.1

3.0.5 RC Version 1

Release Date: February 13th, 2023
* Add: New Typed Text to Advanced Text Block.
* Add: New option to add an icon in Advanced text Block.
* Update: Tab setting for vertical width.
* Update: Set minimum php version.
* Update: Testimonial block settings.
* Update: Tab border radius and typography settings.
* Update: Remove empty parent block for buttons, icons, testimonials and icon list.
* Update: WPML Config for forms.
* Update: Icon alignment options.
* Update: Block Previews.
* Fix: Possible psr compatibility issue.
* Fix: Possible Map issues with filter.
* Fix: Possible issue with gallery missing style sheet.
* Fix: Issue with hidden advanced panel.
* Fix: Issue with gutenberg plugin.
* Fix: Issue with testimonial carousel column gap.
* Fix: Issue with multiple submissions when using redirect.
* Fix: Issue with dynamic links in buttons.
* Fix: Issue with dynamic links in icon and icon list.
* Fix: Issue with resetting z index in image block.
* Fix: Issue with floating images and overlap.

3.0.4 Beta Version 1

Release Date: January 31st, 2023
* Add: Basic data to site health.
* Add: Opt-in usage reporting on settings page.
* Update: Make empty sections easier to select.
* Update: Post block to prevent leaving the editor when clicking on a post.
* Update: Accordion Block so show closed in the editor.
* Update: Sliders and carousels can be initiated with javascript trigger.
* Fix: Heading color issue in row.
* Fix: Possible google font issue.
* Fix: Issue with some testimonial blocks not updating.
* Fix: zIndex issue in rows.
* Fix: Issue with icon list fonts.
* Fix: Issue with some gutter sizes.
* Fix: Issue with zindex in rows.
* Fix: Issue with heading block backward compatibility.
* Fix: Issue with heading block backward compatibility.
* Fix: Issue with gallery carousel missing option to set pagination to none.
* Fix: Issue with facebook icon backward compatibility.
* Fix: Issue with possible button border showing when it should not.
* Fix: Issue with advanced text alignment and negative margins not working correctly.
* Fix: Issue with backward compatibility in table of contents border.
* Fix: Preview of gallery columns.
* Fix: Spacing around center aligned image.
* Fix: Issue with row layout and selecting resizer.
* Fix: Issue where generated css could show in a feed.
* Fix: Issue where design library was inputting incorrectly.
* Fix: Issue with button shadow backward compatibility.
* Fix: Issue with TOC border backward compatibility.

3.0.3 Alpha Version 4

Release Date: January 19th, 2023
* Fix: Removing bottom divider on Row Layout
* Fix: Variable based font sizes in countdown block
* Fix: Video background on Row Layout.
* Fix: Various issues with unit selector.
* Fix: Issue with default icon alignment.
* Fix: Issue where section collapse order was applying in tablet when it shouldn’t.
* Fix: Form button styling issue.
* Fix: Possible issue with border styling.
* Fix: Issue with editor row spacing.
* Fix: Hover Text colors in section.
* Fix: Editor Map styles issue.
* Fix: Editor border radius issues with accordion.

3.0.2 Alpha Version 3

Release Date: January 13th, 2023
* Update: Searches in icon selector are now case insensitive,
* Update: Accordion block now has responsive border & border radius.
* Update: All sliders, carousels using splide.
* Update: Allow icons to be removed from Accordion titles
* Fix: Hover background color not showing on sections
* Fix: Icons not showing in tab titles
* Fix: “Too few arguments” Fatal error commonly seen with reusable blocks
* Fix: Icon list block not displaying properly on front end
* Fix: Warning when using custom font without a font variant selected
* Fix: Warning with some mobile background settings on row layout
* Fix: Issue where padding/margin was limited to 12px in some cases
* Fix: Issue with font size not showing in testimonials.

3.0.1 Alpha Version 2

Release Date: January 5th, 2023
* Update: Duplicate styles component.
* Fix: Issue with Lightbox on non carousel Gallery.
* Fix: Issue with 0 spacing not outputting in editor.
* Fix: Issue with how row padding and margins conversions were handled.
* Fix: Defaults with Info Box.
* Fix: CSS specificity with column handles.
* Fix: Transforms for icon list block.

3.0.0 Alpha Version 1

Release Date: January 4th, 2023
* Update: Block Settings to use a tab structure.
* Update: Row Layout to use grid css (css file size 36kb -> 6kb).
* Update: File Structure, build process, individual block files.
* Update: Improved CSS generation for blocks.
* Update: Kadence Block defaults structure, new controls and management.
* Update: Inline SVGs removed from content html, all svgs load through filter.
* Update: Sections can move freely in and out of rows.
* Update: Rows can be content locked to preserve inner block settings and simplify updating.
* Update: Border control for more flexibility.
* Update: New Margin and Padding control with added visualizer.
* Update: New Icon Picker Control.
* Update: New Font size control.
* Update: Line Height to support none unit values.
* Update: Lightbox to use glightbox (adds mobile swipe).
* Update: Gallery Carousels to use splide.
* Update: Icon List block to use innerBlocks for list items.
* Update: Accordion js to handle issues with offset in accordion hash.
* Update: Facebook logo svg.
* Add: Responsive container margin on Info Box block.
* Add: Responsive container border styles to info box.
* Add: Responsive border radius styles to info box.
* Add: Responsive max width control to info box.
* Add: Responsive container margin on Icon List block.
* Add: Responsive Inner Container padding on Tabs block.
* Add: Responsive list margin, title padding, container padding and margin to TOC Block.
* Add: Option to search dynamic template in TOC Block.
* Add: Support for external dotLottie files
* Add: Ability to import, export, and reset block defaults
* Fix: Gallery – “Show on Hover” caption placement setting now allowing editing.
* Fix: Issue with gallery possibly losing added captions.
* Fix: Only generate dynamic CSS for rtl sites when needed.
* Fix: Google Maps filter initial value issue.
* Fix: Issue when using more than 36 tabs in Tabs block.
* Add: Ability to use decimals for start & end values in count up block.
* Add: Ability to force specific language in reCaptchas


Release Date: November 17th, 2022
* Fix: Issue with mobile background video loading.
* Fix: Issue with undefined index: color.
* Fix: Allow clearing border radius in image block.
* Fix: Issue with converting list blocks to icon list blocks since 6.1


Release Date: November 11th, 2022
* Fix: Issue with bottom separator color in row layout.
* Fix: Issue with possible js error in video background.


Release Date: November 9th, 2022
* Fix: Issue with Reusable Blocks and endlessly looping in editor.
* Fix: Issue with toc in widget area.
* Fix: Issue with background position in section when 0.
* Fix: Issue with min height in section when 0.
* Fix: Issue with inline font selector.
* Fix: Issue with border on image block in firefox.


Release Date: November 1st, 2022
* Update: Prevent issue with RankMath in sitemap XML sitemap.
* Update: Image margin settings not applying correctly when aligned left or right.


Release Date: October 31st, 2022
* Update: Prevent issue with RankMath in sitemap XML sitemap.
* Fix: Gallery not pulling in alt text changes when updating in block.


Release Date: October 24th, 2022
* Fix: Issue with row padding not outputing 0.


Release Date: October 24th, 2022
* Update: Tabs js to not use jQuery.
* Update: Google Fonts.
* Update: Improve performance of Row Layout background videos. Prevent preload when hidden.
* Fix: Issue with variable colors in some selectors.
* Fix: Issue with info box icon hover background in editor.


Release Date: October 6th, 2022
* Update: timeout for cloud libraries.
* Fix: Parallax in Safari 16.
* Fix: zIndex issue with sections.
* Fix: Issue with some responsive row layouts.
* Fix: Issue with individual border radius for tab content.


Release Date: September 6th, 2022
* Update: Border radius control for tab content.
* Update: Allow negative margin in icon block.
* Update: Anchor generation to use remove_accents.
* Fix: Possible issue with sections showing broken.
* Fix: Issue with advanced text field and reveal animation.
* Fix: Issue with show more and adding buttons into the content.
* Fix: Issue with table of contents and apostrophe.
* Fix: Show more height for tablet, mobile.
* Fix: Issue with fullwidth show less button in show more block.
* Fix: Responsive settings for divider height.


Release Date: July 29th, 2022
* Update: Google Fonts.
* Fix: Issue with safari and sticky section.


Release Date: July 6th, 2022
* Update: Design Library defaults.
* Update: Google Recaptcha Link.
* Update: Show More block javascript.
* Fix: Issue with FAQ schema rendering in posts page.
* Fix: Issue with filters in css generation.
* Fix: Issue with mobile collapse order.
* Fix: Issue with icon list gap.
* Fix: Issue with row vertical align center in admin.


Release Date: June 21st, 2022
* Fix: Issue with some columns not updating markup correctly.


Release Date: June 15th, 2022
* Fix: Issue with show more and icon buttons.
* Fix: Issue with translations.
* Fix: Issue with image css not applying to all devices.


Release Date: June 13th, 2022
* Fix: Issue with widths in nested sections.
* Fix: Issue with image block when replacing image.
* Fix: Issue with gallery captions not being selectable.
* Fix: Issue with gallery captions being lost.
* Fix: Issue with inherit in font weights.
* Fix: Possible issue with button video popup.
* Fix: Issue with FAQ schema rendering in archive.


Release Date: June 3rd, 2022
* Fix: Issue with section overlay.


Release Date: June 1st, 2022
* Fix: Margins inside of rows.


Release Date: June 1st, 2022
* Fix: Section block alignment when using max width setting.


Release Date: May 25th, 2022
* Add: Background overlay options in sections.
* Update: zIndex control for Image block.
* Update: Sections gap to use gap css.
* Update: Sections inside of rows have sticky options.
* Update: Row content max width to have rem option.
* Fix: Issue with nocookie youtube popup in button.
* Fix: Issue with FSE and styles outputting before doc type.
* Fix: Issue with context not being passed with image block.
* Fix: Issue with sections layout breaking if hidden.


Release Date: April 14th, 2022
* Update: TOC when in non static search mode, check reusable blocks for headings.
* Fix: Issue with icon list gap when using columns.
* Fix: Issue with image block not correctly resizing when switching preview modes.
* Fix: Issue with min height unit in section.
* Fix: Issue with buttons not aligning.
* Fix: Issue with editor not showing columns in full height.


Release Date: April 11th, 2022
* Update: Section settings when in row layout vs as a standalone block.
* Update: Responsive controls issue in widgets.
* Fix: Possible bug when defining tablet direction in section block.
* Fix: Issue with image block width when in ratio mode.
* Fix: Issue with inline styles rendering in rss feed.


Release Date: April 8th, 2022
* Fix: Possible issue with nesting rows inside of flex areas.


Release Date: April 8th, 2022
* Fix: Possible issue where vertically aligning section blocks could break layout.


Release Date: April 8th, 2022
* Add: Section blocks can be used outside of a row for complete flex control layouts.
* Add: Show More Block.
* Add: Option for Author link in post block.
* Add: Option to dynamically source a gallery.
* Add: Option to set a custom gallery image link to sponsored.
* Add: Option to have sub lists in icon list block.
* Add: Tablet and Mobile Max width settings for image block.
* Add: Min Height and Max Width to section block.
* Update: Add text transform in info box text and learn more controls.
* Fix: Issue with Parallax for ipad pro.
* Fix: Gallery thumbnail size possibly reverting to full when adding new images.
* Fix: Issue with some lottie files not saving correctly.
* Fix: Issue with lottie render not setting the correct aria role.
* Fix: Issue with advanced image block not rendering correctly in flex area.
* Fix: Issue with useSettings and custom colors.
* Fix: Issue with alpha color in divider block.
* Fix: Issue with testimonial name alignment.
* Fix: CSS specificity issue with divider block.
* Fix: Issue with relative links and tabs.
* Fix: Issue with accordion start open changing with preview.
* Fix: Issue with padding missing in row when options are hidden from user.
* Fix: Issue with icons list grid gap.
* Fix: Issue with google map filter default level.
* Fix: Issue with php notice in google map block.


Release Date: March 7th, 2022
* Add: New Google Maps Block.
* Add: Decimal Spaces option to Count up Block.
* Fix: Responsive controls and preview in lottie block.
* Fix: Issue with image block not showing in some situations.


Release Date: February 25th, 2022
* Fix: issue with separator color.


Release Date: February 24th, 2022
* Fix: Prevent showing row column sizer when block not selected.


Release Date: February 24th, 2022
* Update: Rename Heading Block to Advanced Text Block.
* Update: Allow Advanced Text Block to be span or div tag.
* Update: Table and mobile live preview changes for Spacing Block.
* Fix: Issues with using an SVG in advanced image block when svg is uploaded without size information.
* Fix: Issue with the full width button not working when inheriting styles from theme.
* Fix: Issue with some image plugins (picture markup) breaking the image block.
* Fix: Issue with 0 margins not copying in heading styles.
* Fix: Issue with advanced gallery breaking on transform in some situations.
* Fix: Issue with undefined method in countup block.


Release Date: February 10th, 2022
* Add: Restrict Controls.
* Fix: Count Up always showing separator.
* Fix: Possible undefined variable.


Release Date: February 10th, 2022
* Fix: Possible PHP notice.
* Fix: Possible issue with row layout slider background.


Release Date: February 9th, 2022
* Add: Option to add a aria label to lottie block.
* Add: Option to manage lottie animations.
* Update: Deprecate Editor Width.
* Fix: Issue with countup block not rendering correctly.
* Fix: Issue with google font not loading in mobile/tablet preview.
* Fix: Issue with info box number hover color.
* Fix: Issue with lottie block not loading in the editor in some cases.


Release Date: February 7th, 2022
* Add: Lottie Animation Block.
* Add: Count Up Block.
* Fix: Issue with image css not loading in head.
* Fix: Issue with removing link from list item.
* Fix: Issue with copying padding style when 0.
* Fix: Issue with template path.
* Fix: Possible issue with two table of contents.
* Fix: Issue with buttons ID.


Release Date: January 19th, 2022
* Update: Improve loading of design library.
* Fix: Issue with image border color.
* Fix: Issue with srcset.
* Fix: Issue with button margin linked option.


Release Date: January 18th, 2022
* Fix: Border Radius Image Block.


Release Date: January 17th, 2022
* Fix: Possible issue with Table of Contents.


Release Date: January 14th, 2022
* Add: Advanced Image Block.
* Add: Flex Wrapping options for section block.
* Update: add more tablet and mobile live previews in editor.
* Update: Background Attachment desktop only notice.
* Update: Add more clear defaults options.
* Fix: Previews in table of content block.
* Fix: Tab title incorrectly showing in editor when using only icon mode.
* Fix: Issue with form submit font unit.
* Fix: RTL tabs styling issue.
* Fix: Issue with kbInitMaps is not a function wit Javascript API
* Fix: Issue with Table of Contents and special characters


Release Date: December 16th, 2021
* Add: Link overlay option to section block.
* Fix: rel issue in heading link.


Release Date: December 10th, 2021
* Fix: Issue with multiple table of contents on a page.


Release Date: December 8th, 2021
* Fix: Issue with selecting 400 weight in custom fonts.
* Fix: RTL three column resize issue temp fix.
* Fix: Issue with heading color toggle button style.


Release Date: December 7th, 2021
* Add: Aria Description Label options for form inputs and form submit button.
* Add: Anchor for each button in advanced buttons block.
* Add: Border Style option for buttons.
* Add: Option to disable inline color settings in advanced heading block.
* Add: Link styling options to advanced heading block.
* Add: Option to make table of contents text part of the expand toggle.
* Update: Accordion block keyboard navigation.
* Update: Tabs JS for better load support.
* Update: Icon block alignment css.
* Update: Excerpt Wrapper Blocks.
* Update: Color Picker for better third-party support.
* Update: Table of contents better special character support.
* Update: Table of contents support if there are two equal headings.
* Fix: Section Background Color Hover not showing.
* Fix: Issue with gallery box shadow being cut off.
* Fix: Issue with table of contents responsive text size settings.
* Fix: Issue with custom class in wrapped link heading.
* Fix: Icon List block – Responsive font size not taking effect in Gutenberg preview
* Fix: Icon list block not rendering if no icon selected.
* Fix: Testimonial Blocks responsive title sizes not taking effect.
* Fix: Button block editor responsve alignment previews.
* Fix: Table of Contents expand icon not flipping.
* Fix: Possible PHP notice with excerpt length.


Release Date: October 20th, 2021
* Update: Icon list to have responsive column options.
* Update: Accordion with button label option.
* Update: Full height columns with alignment.
* Update: Row layout overlay for better parallax support in chrome.
* Update: Accordion JS for better old browser support.
* Fix: Better style reload for widgets in customizer.
* Fix: issue with alpha colors in some cases.
* Fix: Issue with user visibility settings and widget area.
* Fix: Tablet layout settings.
* Fix: Possible issue with form in sidebar.
* Fix: Infobox sponsored link.


Release Date: October 8th, 2021
* Add: Hover Options to columns.
* Update: Testimonial container padding controls.
* Update: Post excerpt length options for post block.
* Fix: Issue widgets and form block.


Release Date: September 27th, 2021
* Fix: Issue with google font weight selection.
* Fix: Better Screen reader text for read more.
* Fix: Widget screen color picker.
* Fix: Remove max width from accordion.
* Fix: possible z-index issue in the editor.
* Fix: Issue with google font loading in widget area.
* Fix: Moving Tab Order.


Release Date: September 15th, 2021
* Fix: Issue with form page_title placeholder.
* Fix: Issue with posts block responsive font settings.
* Fix: Issue with Advanced Heading link settings.
* Fix: Issue with removing tabs.
* Fix: Issue toolset.
* Fix: Issue with gallery carousel and testimonial carousel setting conflict.


Release Date: September 3rd, 2021
* Fix: Issue with tablet divider alignment.
* Fix: Issue with widgets screen and some blocks.
* Fix: Issue with info box and tablet align.
* Fix: Padding issue with testimonial icon.
* Fix: Testimonial carousel with one column in mobile skips one column on swipe.


Release Date: August 19th, 2021
* Fix: Possible issue with transparent input as a color.
* Fix: Button with icon issue using inherit styles.
* Update: is_rest request.


Release Date: August 17th, 2021
* Fix: Issue testimonial causing crash.


Release Date: August 16th, 2021
* Fix: Issue testimonial title margin.
* Fix: Issue with accordion and double clicks.
* Fix: Small issue with section block and 5.7
* Fix: Issue with heading and icon not rendering correctly in some cases.


Release Date: August 11th, 2021
* Fix: Issue with heading block and certain font families not rendering.
* Fix: Issue with countdown block.


Release Date: August 10th, 2021
* Fix: Issue with dividers style not previewing in responsive mode.
* Fix: Row layout slider issue.
* Fix: Issue with Form block in widget area.
* Fix: Issue with icon alignment in some cases.


Release Date: August 10th, 2021
* Fix: Issue with block width not filling the space.
* Fix: Issue with form showing broken.
* Fix: Split off plugin scripts for widget page support.


Release Date: August 9th, 2021
* Fix: Issue with installs not using WP 5.8


Release Date: August 9th, 2021
* Add: Section block direction, vertical alignment and justify control.
* Add: Individual Button margin support.
* Add: Option in info box block to add an aria label to link.
* Update: Testimonial Carousel Block JS Performance.
* Update: Form to work in widget area.
* Update: Post Block css to prevent conflicts in other themes.
* Update: Correct Tab title default colors for editor.
* Update: aria-hidden=”true” to icon list SVGs
* Update: aria-hidden to icon block when icon has no title.
* Update: aria-hidden to infobox icon when icon has no title.
* Fix: Accordion block border color preview.
* Fix: Issue with letter spacing in tabs title.
* Fix: Response content max width settings not taking effect.
* Fix: Accordion title text transform default.
* Fix: Icon Block spacing in editor.


Release Date: July 22nd, 2021
* Update: Posts block to exclude current.
* Fix: issue with two categories.
* Fix: issue with copying heading styles.
* Fix: issue with reusable blocks.
* Fix: issue with heading css.


Release Date: July 19th, 2021
* Fix: CSS specificity in infobox.
* Fix: tabs js, deprecated jquery.
* Fix: php notice of undefined marginUnit.
* Fix: CSS specificity in icon list.


Release Date: July 16th, 2021
* Add: Wireframe library.
* Add: Background Color to Advanced Heading Block.
* Add: Text transform to infobox title.
* Add: Text transform controls to tabs title.
* Update: Google font list.
* Fix: Issue with tab block alignment.
* Fix: Issue with possible font url.
* Fix: Issue with TOC and some plugins.
* Fix: Issue with margin unit in gallery block.
* Fix: Issue with highlight font weight.
* Fix: Issue with flip icon tablet and mobile size.
* Fix: Button Icons animation time is not correct.
* Fix: Issue with padding in editor around Countdown block.
* Fix: Issue with button icons size not changing.
* Fix: Issue with form padding preview.
* Fix: Issues with blocks in widget area.


Release Date: July 6th, 2021
* Fix: Update Issue.


Release Date: July 5th, 2021
* Add: Option to toggle on dynamic content rendering in TOC block.
* Update: Recompile to resolve issue with Twentig plugin.
* Update: Add link clear button for heading block link removal.
* Fix: Issue with overlay opacity set to 0.
* Fix: Issue with tablet and mobile overlay image.
* Fix: Issue with background image showing in editor for mobile preview when disabled.
* Fix: Issue with hiding mobile background when changing screen size.
* Fix: Issue with saving inline image setting.


Release Date: June 17th, 2021
* Add: Info Box ratio sized image options.
* Fix: Issue with overlay not showing unless set for desktop.
* Fix: Issue with comments count not showing in post block.
* Fix: Issue with checkout page in woocommerce when rendering terms page.
* Fix: Issue with table of contents block and Accordion.


Release Date: June 16th, 2021
* Fix: Loop issue with Table of Contents Block.
* Fix: Issue with modified date label.


Release Date: June 15th, 2021
* Add: Output for kadence palette if Kadence Theme is not used.
* Add: Jost Google Font.
* Update: Table of Contents for better support with dynamically added content.
* Update: Form Block Fluent CRM field Mapping.
* Update: Move design library folder into uploads folder for better cross server support.
* Fix: Issue with info box animation border spin.
* Fix: Issue with columns having a background not updating correctly.
* Fix: Message styling in form block.
* Fix: Issue with gallery shadow.
* Fix: Possible issue with Substitute Max Line Length preventing editor load.
* Fix: Checkbox labels being styled with top tier label styling.


Release Date: May 26th, 2021
* Add: Attribute to lock section inner block.
* Update: JS Build for better language support.
* Update: Form MailerLite group limit, add search.
* Update: Form from input to allow more then one placeholder.
* Fix: Possible issue with form block on some servers.


Release Date: May 24th, 2021
* Update: Add VW to heading font size units.
* Update: Better support for themes with variable color palettes.
* Fix: Multisite issue.
* Fix: Issue with color palette letting you create colors when custom colors are disabled.
* Fix: Issue with iconbox mobile icon size.
* Fix: Tweak some tab accessibility code.


Release Date: May 17th, 2021
* Fix: Issue with design library not showing active.


Release Date: May 15th, 2021
* Add: Custom css option to row and section blocks.
* Add: Responsive padding settings to Accordion Block Inner Content Padding.
* Add: Responsive padding settings to InfoBox Block.
* Add: 16:9 ratio option to gallery.
* Add: Placeholder options {page_title} and {page_url} to form block hidden field value.
* Add: PHP filter to remove design library button.
* Update Button block move icon for moving when you have two or more buttons.
* Fix: Posts show unique only option.
* Fix: Responsive accordion title settings.
* Fix: Design Library issue with certain keys.
* Fix: Issue with testimonials using grid single column where the last item has margin-right set.
* Fix: Issue with posts block not saving updated date label on settings
* Fix: Issue with icon size not changing in the editor.


Release Date: May 4th, 2021
* Add: Option to hide design library button.
* Fix: Possible issue with info box rendering.


Release Date: May 4th, 2021
* Fix: Possible issue with info box rendering.


Release Date: May 3rd, 2021
* Fix: Possible issue with info box rendering.


Release Date: May 3rd, 2021
* Update: Prebuilt Library (New Interface!).
* Update: Posts Block Rest calls.
* Update: Force subscribe a unsubscribed user in mailer lite if the user is requesting subscribe.
* Update: Gallery Align options, allow left and right.
* Update: Responsive gap options for form fields.
* Update: accessibility with form.
* Update: Accordion accessibility.
* Add: Icon color option for buttons.
* Add: Icon size option for buttons.
* Add: Aria Label option for buttons.
* Add: Response Max width options to row layout.
* Fix: CSS issue with accept field.
* Fix: Icon List conversions.
* Fix: Icon List focus on enter.
* Fix: em not being used when selected for button text size.
* Fix: Mobile background url input size.
* Fix: Issue with background overlay opacity setting at 0.
* Fix: Issue with gallery and small images.
* Fix: RTL issues with testimonials.
* Fix: Issue with mobile row border.
* Fix: Issue with accordion toggle and default theme.


Release Date: April 16th, 2021
* Fix: Issue with entering hex.


  • Add: hidden field option to form block.
  • Update: rewrite form js, remove jQuery dependency.
  • Update: Add form field custom error notice options.
  • Fix: Gallery issue with custom links open in new tab resetting.
  • Fix: Issue with Table of Contents Block Margin.
  • Fix: Issue with testimonials wrapper padding unit.
  • Fix: Editor Row background styles.
  • Fix: Issue with Radio Buttons showing inline in Form.
  • Fix: icon list, link text settings.
  • Fix: Info block issue with icon flip in some browsers.


  • Update: Table of Contents Block for better special character support.
  • Update: Typography filters hooks.


  • Add: Countdown Block.
  • Fix: Tabs anchor links on mobile when showing accordion.
  • Fix: Button editor preview and margin settings.
  • Fix: Add missing rem to heading size defaults.


  • Update: Add testimonial wrapper padding.
  • Update: Button Block only icon responsive settings.
  • Fix: CSS specificity for posts block.
  • Fix: Top divider options.
  • Fix: Editor CSS for inline typography tool.


  • Update: Editor CSS for when columns are set to full height.
  • Update: Toolset merge.
  • Fix: Masonry gallery issue.
  • Fix: Accordion set default open on working.


  • Add: Post Block Title Size settings.
  • Add: Post Block Tablet column controls.
  • Update: Row layout responsive controls.
  • Fix: Background image for background overlay not showing.
  • Fix: TOC linking issue.
  • Fix: Possible issue with reusable causing an error.


  • Fix: Post Block Styles.
  • Update: Translation files.
  • Fix: Advanced Heading Color issue in Cover Block.


  • Fix: Update not showing.


  • Add: New Post Block.
  • Add: New Border Controls for Row/Layout.
  • Update: remove type=”text/css” from style tags.
  • Fix: Issue with info box number font select.
  • Fix: Issue with truncated caption in lightbox on mobile.


  • Fix: Possible Bug in Button CSS


  • Add: Inline toolset support.
  • Add: Scroll Spy to Table of Contents Block.
  • Update: Remove jQuery dependency for masonry gallery.
  • Update: Better Schema output for accordion FAQ.
  • Update: Add Button Text transform to block defaults.
  • Update: Heading Letter Spacing allow 0.
  • Fix: button not using theme border styles.
  • Fix: Cloned items in carousel not opening lightbox.
  • Fix: Issue with tab css specificity.
  • Fix: Issue with testimonial css specificity.
  • Fix: Issue with columns in editor not outputting custom css classes.
  • Fix: Issue with row layout mobile grid css.


  • Fix: Possible issue with preview mode.
  • Tweak: Gallery slider load.


  • Update: Add option to load italic font if google font selected.
  • Update: Add JetBrains Mono, Big Shoulders, Public Sans, Bebas Neue and Inter google fonts.
  • Fix: Button CSS issue.


  • Update: Buttons, option to inherit theme styles.
  • Update: Gallery Lightbox to lightweight non-jquery version.
  • Update: Possible fix for Relevanssi save index issue.
  • Update: WPML translation with tabs.


  • Add: Form container Margin.
  • Add: Form subscribe to fluent CRM


  • Fix: Possible issue with heading block showing broken.


  • Fix: Possible issue with testimonial carousel.
  • Fix: Possible issue heading block showing broken.


  • Add: Responsive Controls with Preview to Heading Block.
  • Add: Responsive Border width controls to Columns Block.
  • Add: Reset options for Block Defaults.
  • Add: Min height options for testimonials.
  • Fix: Issue with z-index controls with columns block.
  • Fix: RTL language issue with list icon block.
  • Fix: Issue with tab font size.
  • Fix: Issue with testimonial carousel.


  • Update: Measure Settings Control.
  • Fix: Possible issue with gallery carousel overflow.
  • Fix: Possible issue with defaults.
  • Fix: RTL Collapse grid gutter.
  • Fix: RTL Column select.
  • Fix: Accordion Mobile Font size.


  • Update: Admin Styling for WP 5.6
  • Fix: Advanced header link option not showing.


  • Fix: Possible update issue.


  • Add: MailerLite option to Kadence Blocks.
  • Update: Initial Update to Blocks settings page.
  • Update: Initial Update to use WPScripts.
  • Fix: Issue with dashes in table to contents when building links.
  • Fix: Issue with Column Margin/Padding controls.
  • Fix: Issue with Button Text Size Input.
  • Fix: Issue with accordions pane link with multiple accordions on the page.
  • Fix: Issue with border radius 0 for testimonial block.


  • Fix: Issue with rendering when previously had selected muli font.


  • Update font list, change muli to mulish.
  • Update: Better column Padding/Margin Controls.
  • Fix: Anchor Header issue.
  • Update: Better inheriting of font options from global settings in Kadence Theme.
  • Fix: Gallery Captions Tablet and Mobile sizes.
  • Fix: issue with TOC in certain contexts.
  • Fix: RTL issue in editor.
  • Update: Show Error Message Below submit for validation errors.
  • Add: Error Message to issue with recaptcha v3 failing on second post without reloading the page.


  • Add: Polyfill for Safari Scroll to ID.
  • Add: Margin control for TOC block.
  • Fix TOC title font size not showing live.
  • Fix: Issue with TOC if all allowed headers turned off.
  • Fix: Testimonial Rating not working with global palette.
  • Fix: Issue with latest desktop safari and parallax.
  • Fix: Issue with 2 column icon list block.
  • Fix: Issue with change columns not assigning ids correctly.
  • FixL Issue with three column tablet and mobile layout.


  • Add: TOC Block Box Shadow.
  • Add: TOC Block Border Radius.
  • Add: TOC Block Max Width.
  • Add: TOC Block Scroll to ID.
  • Fix: TOC columns for mobile.
  • Fix: Expand Icon.
  • Fix: TOC better special character support.


  • Fix: PHP 7.2 error.


  • Add: Table of Content Block.
  • Update: Inline style support for different kinds of embedding
  • Fix: Some prebuilt content not loading.
  • Fix: Row layout not updating correctly when columns changed.
  • Fix: Various small bugs with colors not updating in the settings panel.


  • Add: Option for Advanced Heading Block to be Paragraph.
  • Fix: Image align for testimonials.
  • Fix: Accordion scroll issue.
  • Fix: A few RTL issues.
  • Fix: More range controls moved over to Kadence Range.
  • Fix: Info Box allow two different links.
  • Fix: Two Icon size for range.
  • Fix: Firefox issue with range.
  • Fix: Margin unit in button.
  • Fix: Loading styles outside of content area issues.
  • Update: Add support for themes using css variables for color. Thanks @andreiglingeanu


  • Add: User visibility setting for showing to a specific user.
  • Fix: Device visibility setting for columns.
  • Add: Device visibility setting for spacer block.
  • Fix: Issue with range input being near impossible to type in.
  • Fix: Issue with limit of 24 tabs.
  • Fix: Issue with slower loading and accordion js.


  • Add: User visibility settings.
  • Fix: Name on Plugins page.
  • Fix: Issue with columns resizer.
  • Fix button margin not working issue.
  • Fix: Radio field option for form.
  • Fix: Tabs interlinking issue.


  • Update: Accordion and Tab Color selectors.
  • Fix: Margin issue for icon list.


  • Fix: Gallery Tablet and Mobile Gutter not working.
  • Fix: Border radius issue with column.
  • Fix: Cover Block over extending inside row.
  • Fix: Hover Text color for Form Button not working with global styles.
  • Fix: Gallery Caption not showing in lightbox.


  • Add: Responsive align options for spacer block.
  • Fix: Issue with font size in heading block when empty.
  • Fix: Issue with REM units in heading block.


  • Fix: possible gallery issue showing broken block.
  • Add: option to set default caption.


  • Fix possible php error. Thanks Susan D!
  • Add: Select placeholder option.


  • Spacing between buttons (add responsive controls)
  • Update: Change fonts to load display swap by default.
  • Add: Margin option for Buttons container.
  • Update: Button color settings sync with kadence theme global colors.
  • Update: Row and Column Color settings sync with kadence theme global colors.
  • Update: Row and column image background to allow for focus point position control.
  • Add: Responsive visibility settings to row layout and columns.
  • Add: Responsive controls for min height.
  • Fix: Small lazy load issue with testimonials.
  • Update: Testimonials color settings.
  • Add: Option for testimonials to use url instead of hosted image.
  • Add: Advanced heading Copy and Paste Styling.
  • Add: Button Copy and Paste styling.
  • add: Column Copy and Paste styling.
  • Add: Move options for buttons.
  • Add: Duplicate and delete options for buttons.
  • Update: Button focus for better settings control.
  • Update: Info box you can now use a number.
  • Add: Start adding basic support for tablet and mobile previews in the editor.
  • Fix: Issue with info box copy styling not pulling in box shadow.
  • Update: Allow global settings to pull in color palette.
  • Fix: Left Align image on mobile not looking good in info box.
  • Update: Allow Form field sub options to be rearranged.
  • Update: Add Checkbox field to form.
  • Fix: validator issues with gallery.


  • Fix: Update not showing.


  • Fix: issue with icon list block.
  • Update: Padding Control for row layout block.
  • Update: Copy Styles in infobox.


  • Update: Fix issue in safari not being able to edit testimonials.
  • Update: Tweak js for accordion inner page link.
  • Fix: Issue with table of contents plus plugin.
  • Update: When switching media in infor box try to keep the same media size settings.


  • Update: New toggle for row inner content to follow theme settings.
  • Update: WPML intergration.
  • Update: Allow row defaults to use theme width.
  • Update: Allow padding unit setting in row defaults.
  • Fix: Accordion issue with margin.
  • Fix: Accordion issue when linking to custom anchor.
  • Fix: Testimonial issue with boxshadow cleared.


  • Update: Few tweaks for Gallery Block CSS
  • Update: Allow galley carousel max height to go to 800px.
  • Update: Fix issue with wordpress 5.3 and heading block.
  • Add: Nouce verify to false by default to form block. ( this prevents caching issues ).
  • Update: Gallery default options – Image thumbnail size, Image link size, Link type


  • Add: new inline color selector to Advanced Heading Block.
  • Add: support for color classes in Advanced Heading Block
  • Add: new text shadow options to Advanced Heading Block
  • Add: tablet and mobile text alignment to Advanced Heading Block
  • Add: FAQ schema option to accordion.
  • Add: tablet and mobile text alignment to Icon Block
  • Fix: Tablet Collapse with row layout bug
  • Fix: Admin issue with gallery slider overflowing on smaller screens.
  • Fix: Custom icon issue in tabs.
  • Fix: Single column testimonial block spacing issue.
  • Update: Form Block WPML support.


  • Fix: CSS Box Shadow issue on buttons.
  • Add: more link controls for infobox learn more.
  • Fix: Accordion not showing intial open options.
  • Fix: Accordion validator issue.


  • Update: Declare 5.4 support.
  • Fix: CSS issue with some row vertical alignment settings.
  • Fix: Issue with info box icon border on mobile when switched to above.
  • Update: Button Video Popup, none jQuery lightbox, better handling of different youtube urls including nocookie.


  • Add: skip-lazy class to carousel images to fix lazy load issue.
  • Fix: CSS for gutenberg updates.
  • Fix: CSS for lightbox in some situations.
  • Fix: Issue with infobox image width and height not getting set.
  • Add: option to set info box image size as a default.
  • Add: option to force hover effect to always so for gallery on mobile.
  • Add: Filter to remove Editor Width. ( More and more themes are doing better at handling this so it is going to be depreciated )


  • Update Css to prevent issue with some settings conflict.
  • Update: Gallery Slider js within accordion not rendering correclty.
  • Add: Download option to advanced button block. Thanks @chris071182
  • Fix: Column Vertical Spacing when order reversed for mobile. Thanks @andreas-wpk
  • Fix: Issue with info box maxWidth not showing in admin after reload.


  • Clean up editor column padding for Gutenberg 7.3
  • Move attribute blockAlignment to align for better gutenberg support.
  • Add: Open in new tab for galleries with media file link.
  • Add: Mobile Collapse Option for Fullwidth Buttons.


  • Fix: Bug in Firefox with Icon Flip.
  • Fix: Possible issue with Gallery not rendering.
  • Tweak: Styling in Row layout for inside column alignment.
  • Fix: More admin CSS for Gutenberg 7.2.
  • Add: InfoBox text Padding and Margin.
  • Add: Background Video URL input for when you want to use from another source.
  • Add: Margin Controls for desk, tablet and mobile for form submit.


  • Fix: Update issue.


  • Update: CSS for Gutenberg 7.2.
  • Update: Form, fix issue with sendgrid when using WP Mail SMTP


  • Fix: Small Bug in accordion tag not sticking.
  • Fix: Small Bug in form block gradient button background.
  • Update: Tweak css for old versions of safari.
  • Update: Add margin control for infobox Container.


  • Fix: Small Bug in icon rendering.


  • Update: Add sponsored attribute to buttons.
  • Update: Add hover color for Icon block.
  • Update: Divider Block, add stripes option.
  • Update: Fix form block button border radius 0 issue.


  • Update: Margin range for advanced heading.
  • Add: rem to font size.
  • Add: Row layout padding unit options.
  • Add: rem to row layout margins.
  • Add: Filter for settings capabilities.
  • Update: Form to allow sending to multiple email accounts.
  • Update: Icons add filter for custom icons.
  • Update: Infobox, Add max width.
  • Add: Option to copy and Paste styles from info box to info box.
  • Fix: Bug where accordion animation could be off.


  • Update: Recaptcha so multiple can be on the same page.
  • Update: Tabs block for better accessibility.
  • Add: Visibility and default options for columns.
  • Add: Basic layout section for row block Visibility.
  • Add: Form block submission results filter.
  • Update: Better AMP support for scripts.


  • Fix: Tablet Padding not keeping 0.
  • Add: Make form honey pot optional.
  • Fix: Issue with settings modal save button color.
  • Fix: visibility settings not always saving correctly if more then one block set at a time.
  • Update: Recaptcha so multiple can be on the same page.
  • Update: Add all sizes for gallery image settings.


  • Fix: Mobile Background video not filling height.
  • Fix: Masonry catch if width and height data missing.
  • Add: First Starter package template.
  • Update: slider css, remove icon font.


  • Fix: styling issue with inline advanced typography.
  • Fix: visibility setting issue.
  • Tweak: Video Background for IE11 and edge.


  • Fix: Icon list colors not working.
  • Fix: Gutenberg plugin changes mediaUpload.


  • Fix: Icon css not loading correctly.
  • Fix Accordion issue with reusable.


  • Update: Change how Blocks CSS is loaded, now only loads for blocks used on page.
  • Fix: Form Button Border Radius when 0.
  • Add: telephone field to form field options.
  • Fix: Small css styling when custom colors off.


  • Small Tweak: Form CSS
  • Update: Admin Gallery Block CSS for GB update.
  • Add: Text transform option to Form Button.


  • Fix: Update gallery to collect new alt text.
  • Fix: Possible fetch error in form block admin.
  • Add: Box Shadow to Column


  • Add: New Form Block!!
  • Fix: More Translation strings updated, all need text domain.
  • Fix: Gallery Block not setting link url correctly for media size.
  • Update: CSS fixes for Gutenberg 6.7.
  • Add: Offload Media support for backgrounds css.


  • Fix: settings link issue.


  • Fix: issue with button large and small settings.
  • Fix: Testimonial container padding left and right switch.
  • Fix: Issue with info box when media set to none.


  • Fix: issue with turned off gallery block under typo.
  • Update: Button block now uses common ‘button’ class so it can inherit styles from themes.
  • Fix: empty styles if input box cleared for testimonial block.
  • Update: Add tablet padding/margin settings to columns block.
  • Fix: Default Color refresh issue.
  • Add: Text transform button option.
  • Add: Alpha channel to overlay gradient.


  • Fix: Header Block, Gutenberg doesn’t allow className attribute to be added to an internal tag.


  • Fix: Typo – Thanks andreas-wpk
  • Update: Heading to allow 0 for margin setting.
  • Update: Issue where the default block settings could break.


  • Fix: 6.5 duplicate id issue.
  • Update: Add 4 more prebuilt sections.
  • Update: Add support for EditorsKit block navigator toolbar
  • Update: Add “noCustomDefaults” attribute to row block.
  • Update: Tweak row editor styles.


  • Fix: Small CSS issue with some themes adding underline.
  • Fix: Small CSS issue with tabs.
  • Update: Gallery Margin.
  • Add: Option for no icon or image with info box.
  • Add: Mobile and Tablet text align for into box.


  • Fix: issue causing Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined
  • Update: Tab move tools so no overlap.


  • Fix: Default Colors update.
  • Update: Tabs allow moving and deleting.


  • Fix: IE issue with testimonial grid.
  • Add: Column Color settings.
  • Update: Allow for better fallback when images are small in gallery.
  • Update: Icon list with up/down move and remove controls.


  • Fix: Bug with slider in editor nested in rows.
  • Add: Tab anchor to support custom anchors.
  • Add: Tab Title column options!


  • Add: Row/Layout Background Slider Options
  • Add: Row/Layout Background Video Options
  • Add: Info Box Tablet and Mobile Media Align options.


  • Fix: Margin for fluid carousel.
  • Fix: Icon list if not using Gutenberg Plugin.
  • Fix: Testimonial empty inline styles.
  • Add: Option for fluid carousel gallery to be left aligned.
  • Add: rem units to row margin, heading margin and gallery margin.


  • Fix: Updating not showing


  • Fix: Carousel in tabs issue.
  • Fix: Carousel lightbox count off.
  • Add: Gallery Default Settings.
  • Update: Icon list for Gutenberg 6.2


  • Fix: Info Box image issue.


  • Fix: Info Box image issue with margin.
  • Add: Info Box Icon vertical align.


  • Fix: Info Box image issue.
  • Fix: Tablet Divider settings.
  • Update: Tablet Row Padding to allow individual changes without effecting all sides.


  • Tweak: Mobile Parallax.
  • Update: Prevent Custom Link loss in gallery.
  • Update: Heading highlight.
  • Tweak: Accordion scroll to pane.


  • Add: New Advanced Gallery Block.
  • Fix: Parallax issue with Ipad.
  • Fix: hex colors not showing if transparent.
  • Fix: IE bug with icon list icons.
  • Update: Better loading testimonial carousel.
  • Update: Better lazy loading info box image.


  • Fix: Prevent adding a link inside a link with info box.
  • Add: Support Negative Margin in Rows.
  • Add: Support disableCustomColors.
  • Fix: Issue with tablet background not overriding parallax.
  • Add: Anchor Support to spacer Block.


  • Fix: SVG in info box.
  • Add: Min height settings for text and titles in info box.
  • Update: support negative margin for advanced heading.
  • Add: Subtitle for tab titles.


  • Fix: issue with color Palette.


  • Fix: issue with prebuilt.


  • Fix: Icon list Block alignment issue.
  • Add: Image size options for info box.
  • Add: collapse columns for desktop layout.
  • Add: zIndex to Rows
  • Add: Background Image inline to support some lazy loads.
  • Update: Better support in accordion and tabs for dynamic content.


  • Fix: Issues with Gutenberg 5.9
  • Update: Icon list Block – add icon vertical alignment.


  • Fix: Issue with icon list margin.
  • Fix: Row Top divider width.
  • Fix: IPad Parallax.
  • Update: script packages


  • Add: Global Color Palette Control.
  • Move: Editor Width inside Kadence Blocks Controls.
  • Add: Option for columns to be height 100%.
  • Fix: Bug with three column resize.


  • Update: Rewrite parts of Advanced Button. Add gradient background options, fixed width, preset sizes, responsive custom padding, responsive font sizes and box shadow.
  • Update: Prebuilt items ( Remove Kadence name from content )
  • Fix: Default Row settings, tablet padding issue.
  • Fix: Rich text button issue.
  • Fix: Accordion issue with long titles icons being warped.
  • Fix: Bug in Testimonials Block with specific settings.
  • Add: Margin for Icon list.


  • Add: Two new Prebuilt items ( Accordion examples )
  • Add: Initial styles for accordion block.
  • Add: Default settings for Advanced Heading Block
  • Add: Editor visibility settings for Advanced Heading Block
  • Add: Two new tablet and mobile three column layouts.
  • Add: Text align to Row and Column Blocks with mobile control.
  • Add: Anchor options for accordion panes and allow direct linking.
  • Add: Default settings for Row Layout Block.
  • Add: Editor visibility settings for Row Layout Block.
  • Update: Column Appender
  • Fix: Issue with Tablet media query not matching.
  • Fix: Button showing black background when should be transparent.


  • Fix: Issue with icon list then typing return.
  • Add: Prebuilt testimonial.


  • Add: Full-width setting to Advanced Button.
  • Add: Text Transform to Testimonials.
  • Add: Image Ratio to Card Testimonial style.


  • Tweak: Testimonial Grid CSS.


  • Fix: Testimonial Carousel Pagination not showing.
  • Tweak: Testimonial Carousel CSS.


  • Fix: Update not showing.


  • Add: NEW Testimonial Block!
  • Fix: IE issue with images in info box.
  • Fix: FireFox issue with Icon flip.
  • Fix: IE issue with parallax scrolling.
  • Fix: Gutenberg 5.5 broke add accordion item button.
  • Fix: A few Typos.


  • Add: Inline Typography Settings for Advanced Heading Block.
  • Update: Improve Typography Settings Performance.
  • Fix: Issue with list block clearing when using return to create a new line.
  • Fix: Issue where error showed if you didn’t have any typography options selected.


  • Update: Add Opacity options to Info Box.
  • Add: New Icon List Block.


  • Fix: Issue with buttons if you cleared the colors.


  • Fix: Issue with parallax margin on mobile on some themes.
  • Add: Video Popup target to Button!
  • Update: Button Defaults moved to Kadence Control Plugin.
  • Add: Button Settings visibility
  • Add: no-follow option to buttons.
  • Add: Opacity to Buttons Background and Border.
  • Add: Button Gap.
  • Add: Background Image option to columns.


  • Fix: Issue with chrome cutting content white (again)


  • Fix: Inner Block Selection.
  • Fix: Prebuilt error.


  • Fix: Duplication issue with row styles.
  • Fix: Issue with chrome cutting content white.
  • Add: Tablet and Mobile specific control for background and background overlay.


  • Add: column resizing for three column layouts.
  • Add: option to resize columns on a grid of every 5% or fluid.
  • Add: Collapse Order Attribute for Columns.
  • Add: Preset Styles for Info Box.
  • Add: Infobox default controls.
  • Add: Infobox settings visiblity controls.
  • Add: Better SVG image support for InfoBox.
  • Add: Icon Margin Control.
  • Add: Category Icon.
  • Update: Block Icons.


  • Add: Different size units to Margin, max-width and min0height controls in row layout.
  • Update: Add some fallback support for content imported to a muiltisite where it strips html.
  • Updates: Better Mobile Parallax.
  • Fix: Attempt fix for Tabs in widget area.


  • Fix: Anchor in Header issue.


  • Fix: Icons Link Issue.
  • Add: Accordion to Block Controls (set defaults, limit setting visiblity).
  • Add: Font Family options to create a custom options set.


  • Fix: Much smoother accordion animation.
  • Fix: Info Box Prebuilt error.
  • Fix: Issue with parallax on mobile.
  • Update: Allow Accordion Panes to be rearranged.
  • Update: Move accordion wrap tag into main accordion settings panel.


  • Fix: Font Weight tab titles, remove underline if theme adding.
  • Add: Tablet Padding and margin controls to row layout.
  • Add: Allow for wrapping of the accordion button with heading tag.


  • Fix: Error buttons.


  • Fix: Error with tabs and spacer.
  • Add: Text transform for accordion title.


  • Fix: Error with Control plugin if no settings.


  • Fix: Pane Title not selectable in Firefox.
  • Add: VH unit options to Spacer.
  • Add: Kadence Blocks Control Plugin!
    You can now define which settings users see based on user role. Currently just added for Tabs and Spacer Block.
    You can also set the block defaults.


  • Fix: Jerky Accordion Animation.


  • Fix: some of the Accordion styling.


  • Add: New Accordion block!
  • Add: Presets for Tabs Block.
  • Add: You can now define which Tab should be open regardless of what is open in the editor.
  • Fix: Small change with parallax settings.
  • Fix: Unique IDs causing revisions needlessly.
  • Tweak: Setting Page styles.
  • Add: BorderRadius Property to columns – thanks @DizzySquirrel
  • Fix: Correct naming for ‘Left Bottom’ background – thanks @DizzySquirrel


  • Update: Prep for three column controls.
  • Add: Collapse row gutter control.
  • Add: Parallax for Background Images!!


  • Fix: CSS loading for rest api calls.
  • Add: Anchor support for Advanced Heading.
  • Add: New Four Prebuilt items.
  • Fix: Issue with columns being insertable.
  • Add: Youtube Video to description.


  • Fix: Tabs Styles.
  • Add: Search for Prebuilt.


  • Update: Info box, add in settings.


  • Add: NEW Info Box Block!
  • Update: CSS placed in head if possible, reverts to inline if outside content area.
  • Update: Blocks now added to a category.
  • Update: improve selection for block row.


  • Update: render CSS inline per Gutenberg Hook, future need to add an option for rendering in head.
  • Add: Border control to columns.


  • Update: Font family select box for easier select.
  • Add: Tablet and Moble height to spacer block.
  • Fix: Highlight option in Gutenberg 4.8
  • Fix: Column 60/40 css missing – thanks @bucketpress
  • Add: Footer and Header tag options – thanks @bucketpress
  • Fix: Firefox issue with swtiching tabs – thanks @bucketpress


  • Fix: Typography bug when selecting google to non google font.
  • Fix: Row layout Text more specific css.
  • Fix: Tab titles not editable in FireFox.
  • Add: Custom css class options to buttons.
  • Add: Visual Select for Dividers.
  • Add: Left and Right Margins for columns. Allow Negative Margins.
  • Add: Z-index option to columns.
  • Update: Move Heading Tag Level controls to dropdown.


  • Add: NEW Highlight options for Heading Block.
  • Add: Text color, link color and link hover color to row layout options.
  • Update: Filter for Typography Font Options.


  • Fix: Nested tabs in tabs styling.
  • Tweak: Row Layout editor css for better selecting row.
  • Tweak: Tabs for better accessibility.
  • Update: Increase the amount of possible tabs.
  • Add: Tab Default controls.


  • Add: Granular control over two column Layouts.
  • Add: Background color options for columns.
  • Add: ‘noreferrer noopener’ to external buttons.
  • Add: Default Controls for Row layout, button and spacer blocks.
  • Fix: Issue with button top and bottom padding.


  • Update: Layouts css Tweak.


  • Add: Support for tabs within tabs.
  • Fix: Top Divider height.


  • Fix: nested columns css.


  • Fix: Output CSS for non WordPress 5.0.
  • Tweak Limited Margin CSS.


  • Fix: WordPress 5 stuff.


  • Fix: Update not showing WordPress.


  • Fix: Button link width.
  • Fix: Font weight setting.
  • Fix: Reusable Blocks issue.
  • Update: Add more to Prebuilt Library


  • Updates: Various fixes for Gutenberg 4.2
  • Add: Prebuilt Libray to row block.


  • Updates: Various fixes for Gutenberg 4.1
  • Fix: Nested columns.


  • Updates: Various fixes for Gutenberg 4.0
  • Fix: Typo in layout background.


  • Fix: Tab title not saving.
  • Fix: Button text not always saving.


  • Add: Minimal Margin css option.
  • Add: Waves divider to row.
  • Add: New Tabs Block
  • Update: Option to turn off the editor width settings.
  • Update: Tweak admin google font load so duplicates are not loaded.
  • Fix: Editor Width name issue.
  • Fix: Vertical alignment when minimum height is used.
  • Fix: Typography font when regular is reselected.


  • Fix: Min Height so it doesn’t add to padding.
  • Update: Add extra space when using larger gutter.
  • Update: Change Sidebar to small and No sidebar to Large.
  • Add: New Dividers to Row Layout!
  • Fix: Issue with fullwidth if set as default.
  • Add: Link to Demo Tester.


  • Fix: Row Inner max width.
  • Update: CSS build for Gutenberg update.
  • Fix: Support forms link.
  • Update: Buttons with font family selection.


  • Fix: Small JS error in the admin.


  • Add: github link.
  • Update: Editor width to change image max width.
  • Update: Spacer/Divider block to show height while resizing.
  • Update: Icons Block to copy styles from previous icon when adding more.
  • Update: Button Block to copy styles from previous Button when adding more.
  • Add: New Advanced Header Block with full Google font support.


  • Initial Release.