Nid yw’r ategyn hwn wedi cael ei ddiweddaru ers 3 ryddhad mawr. Efallai nad yw’n cael ei gynnal bellach ac efallai bod materion cydnawsedd wrth gael ei ddefnyddio gyda fersiynau mwy diweddar o WordPress.

Laboratory WordPress Menus Rest API


Laboratory WordPress Menus Rest API

Generate API Endpoints for WordPress menus.

Available Endpoints

Get Menu Items Endpoint: /wp-json/lab-menus/v1/menu/{menu(string | int)}


  • menu – Either the slug (string) or ID (int) of a menu e.g.


Return: Array of menu item objects, otherwise false.

  "ID": 48,
  "menu_item_parent": "0",
  "object_id": "46",
  "object": "page",
  "type": "post_type",
  "type_label": "Page",
  "url": "http:\/\/localhost:8888\/example\/test\/",
  "title": "Academics",
  "target": "",
  "attr_title": "",
  "description": "",
  "classes": [""],
  // Rest of the details...,

Get Available Menus Endpoint: /wp-json/lab-menus/v1/menu-options


Return: Array of available menus objects.

 "term_id": 3,
  "name": "Example Navigation",
  "slug": "example-navigation",
  "term_group": 0,
  "term_taxonomy_id": 3,
  "taxonomy": "nav_menu",
  "description": "",
  "parent": 0,
  "count": 6,
  "filter": "raw"

Get Registered Menu Locations Endpoint: /wp-json/lab-menus/v1/menu-locations


Return: (Associative Array) Array of menus registered by the theme.

  "example-nav": 3,
  "main-navigation": 2,
  "footer-nav": 4


This plugin can be installed directly from your site.

  • Log in and navigate to Plugins Add New.
  • Type “Laboratory WordPress Menus Rest API” into the Search and hit Enter.
  • Locate the Laboratory WordPress Menus Rest API plugin in the list of search results and click Install Now.
  • Once installed, click the Activate link.
  • Your endpoints will automatically be available.

It can also be installed manually.

  • Download the Laboratory WordPress Menus Rest API plugin from
  • Unzip the package and move to your plugins directory.
  • Log into WordPress and navigate to the Plugins screen.
  • Locate Laboratory WordPress Menus Rest API in the list and click the Activate link.


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